Post your favorite year-end best-of list aggregator!
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In the past Fimoculous has aggregated year-end "best of" lists for many different aspects of culture, such as music, movies, architecture, games, websites, you name it. According to his Twitter feed, though, he's done with this practice. So how to fill the void? What's your year-end-list aggregator of choice?
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Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2011 has some fine entries and covers just about every genre you could think of. :)
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Largehearted Boy for music lists.
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AcclaimedMusic is pretty much the end-all be-all of music criticism aggregation. The "all time" lists are updated through 2009, but it you explore the forums, some of the regulars are already putting together aggregate lists for 2011.
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Mostly crap Fast Company 2011 lists mashup, has a few good bits.

Man I miss Fimoculous's list aggregation.
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Also, here's an article explaining why Rex (Fimoculous guy) stopped doing it. And from that article, this looks pretty good:

Vulture's Year End List of the Best Year End Lists

I enjoy "Worst of" lists as well, like av club's worst films 2011. Wish there were an aggregator for those too.
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ah shoot just realized that vulture thing is actually from 2010. confusing cos it's linked from the 2011 article. oh well.
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Also, check out Buzzfeed: Best of 2011 (all tagged posts)
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