What is the best airplane and RC car out there!?
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Please help me find an awesome remote control car and/or plane for a deserving little boy!

We are purchasing a remote control car and/or airplane for a severely disabled boy. We are looking for something that will capture his attention and be generally awesome in every way. I have looked extensively online and honestly can't tell one product from the other. Can you please recommend one that will be incredibly simple for anyone to use when playing with him (it does not have to be something that he himself can use) and will make his Christmas awesome!?

Dollar amount is not a huge factor.

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Newer remote control helicopters are sweet. They are easy to control and can crash without breaking. The cheaper ones are more stable and able to be flown indoors; some have cool lights or video cameras, even plastic rockets that you can fire with the push of a button. My experience is that the air hogs brand ones are cheap but last a while. For other brands more money = more channels and more control but are harder to control and break faster. Look for metal parts, they tend to last longer. Planes are less fun IMHO they break easy and are harder to control, and cars can be fun lack the coolness of flight. Good luck, hope this helps.
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Remote controlled flying attack shark. duh.
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2nding the little helos. We have a couple of the Syma S107s. You actually have to do them inside - outside can get too bright for the little IR link that's used to control it. The only drawback is the charge time - they only fly for about 5-7 minutes at a stretch before they need to back on the wall-wart. You might consider getting 2-3 of them and rotating them in and out.
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These iphone-powered quad-copter drones look pretty awesome.
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Most of the r/c toys from thinkgeek seem awesome

I particularly like the tiny r/c copter. It has an all-metal body and really solid electronics. Coolpants.
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If you want the real deal combined with some awesome put-together time, go with the classic Hornet.
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This is one of the easiest fliers: Lot of fun, one of the most stable planes around.
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Also - if you go with the Syma S107, go ahead and pick up a couple of the replacement part kits (like this one). I've had to replace the rotors on my son's helo twice since last Christmas. Even indoors, the cumulative effects of running into walls, the ceiling, and the cat end up reducing the flying time and stability. They're dirt cheap and the only tool you need is a precision screwdriver.
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