What is a good OS X manual for former Windows users?
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For many years, I have been using different versions of Windows as my primary operating system - dabbling now and then with different distributions of Linux. For graduate school, I have switched to an iBook and, while I find OS X to be quite a good operating system so far, I find elements of it confusing. I am looking for a book that introduces OS X to the non-computer idiot in a comprehensible and comprehensive way. Are there any such volumes endorsed by former Windows users who have crossed over?

An example of something that is proving unduly troublesome is setting up automated backup to my external FAT32 hard drive to work. I need to use FAT32 to maintain compatibility with Windows. I have been trying to use SilverKeeper from La Cie, a piece of Freeware, but it keeps throwing up error codes that mean nothing to me.
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It probably won't help with your SilverKeeper problems, but I found Mac OS X: The Missing Manual quite useful when I first switched. Just make sure you pick up the appropriate edition for the version of OS X that you're using.
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I'll second "Mac OS X: The Missing Manual"
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I'll third "Mac OS X: The Missing Manual"!
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I will 4th the missing manual.

Also, visit sites like MacOSXHints.com and MacFixIt.com to get regualar updates on quirky programs and tips to get the most out of your mac. The forums on both sites are pretty active and people are helpful.

I used SilverKeeper for about 5 minutes before trashing it for Deja Vu. It was free with Toast.
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"Mac OS X: The Missing Manual" is a good book, though "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual" may be particularly useful in your case.
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I'd recommend a place like MacNN forums as a start. If you know IRC, I'd also suggest #Mefi (The irc channel if you're aware of of IRC)...good people and many are mac users.

I'd also recomend MacOSXHints and MacFixit.
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Yep, David Pogue's The Missing Manual is the place to go. Just all around an outstanding book / series.
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