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Help me pick out some new android-compatible wireless speakers.

My old Logitech computer speakers finally kicked the bucket and I want to upgrade to some wireless speakers that I can use with my Droid Incredible and my PC. My price range is $50-250 and I can't tell the crap from the gold. This is the best thing I've found so far, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. I'd prefer two separate speakers (to sit on my desk, with the option of moving to other parts of the house for parties and the like) that plug into the wall, but not the device being used to play sound. I use itunes and spotify, so it would be ideal if the speakers could play music from either of these applications remotely. I know nothing about wireless speakers, so I'd also appreciate responses telling me that this isn't possible or that my budget isn't realistic or even general recommendations for websites with good product reviews or customer service.
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Creative makes a set of Bluetooth-enabled speakers that are separate.
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