What's the story behind this ice bowl?
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What era is this ice bucket / bowl from?

My girlfriend gave it to me along with a matching shaker glass which I didn't photograph. She said it was from her Grandmother, but that very well could be a period from 1930 to 1970. I'm thinking that it's probably closer to the 60s/70s because of the vodka based drinks on the side; I was under the impression that vodka only became popular from the 60's onwards meaning that its likely after that. Anyone have any idea on the make, manufacture or model?

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70s. My parents had the same set.
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There's a matching shaker that has a bit of an art deco look.

I'd go through them but don't have time at the moment, but if you go through the shaker images, you might be able to get a decade or manufacturer. Seems that several place them roughly around the 1950s.
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That's definitely the shaker raztaj, thanks!
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For added fun, can anyone tell me if I can put it in the freezer? Or will that risk cracking it?
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even milkglass pyrex from the era that was rated to go from freezer to oven risks cracking during temperature shifts. i'd probably keep it unfrozen.
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