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Can you recommend a good zumba-like work out video? I'm looking for something is fun, challenging and will help get me heart rate up, but is suitable for uncoordinated people.

I am looking for something that is dance inspired, and easy for uncoordinated people to follow. I have yoga and pilates videos that are great, but not what I am looking for here.

I have a Bollywood dance video that is similar but it is not quite challenging enough of a work out. Zumba looks a little too advanced for me, but maybe it is easier than it looks? I like to move but do not do well with following specific steps. Thanks in advance.
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If you don't want to follow specific steps, why not just put on your favourite music and dance around your living room? Following specific steps is kinda how workout routines work.

Do you have a wii? I haven't tried it myself but my sister says the zumba wii game has different difficulty levels.
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Zumba is easier than it looks! Zumba is kind of like line dancing. There are a few basic steps, but in the classes I've been taken, once you have the basics you just jump right in and follow the instructor - and what I love is that you do what you can, meaning, you don't have to do something fast if it's too fast for you, just try it out at your own pace. You don't have to do a complicated-looking step if it looks too complicated for you - again, just do it slower, just do the general gist of it. It doesn't make a difference to the workout because the point is to just keep moving since that's what works you out! You can try the more complicated stuff once you're ready for a challenge, and that's fun, but when you're just getting the hang of it all you have to do is keep moving and try to follow as best you can.

I bet you can find a beginning Zumba video that will ease you into it if that would make you feel more comfortable. But I'm telling you, I've been in classes with 80-year-old grannies and they can do it. I am not a very co-ordinated person at all - I love to dance, but I often feel like I'm flopping around with two left feet. As long as you take it in the spirit it's intended, which is "keep moving" and "have fun", it should be what you're looking for.

(Also I'd like to say, if you have a Wii, the Just Dance games have a similar feel to Zumba for me - it looks complicated, but really it's a great workout because you keep moving; it's a challenge when you're ready to try to figure out the stuff that's complicated, so it doesn't get boring; and it's just plain fun following along and trying to keep up.)
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(I personally would not recommend the Zumba game for the Wii if you've never done Zumba before. It doesn't explain or show the steps well enough, and it isn't very sensitive in registering your moves even when you do them right - that can be super-frustrating for a newbie.)
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I agree with flex on the anti-Zumba for Wii -- I tried it and ended up beyond frustrated. Sold it on eBay. I would love to try Zumba but that approach was horrible and super confusing. It did not show the steps well at all, as flex said.
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I am completely uncoordinated and was literally NEVER in sync with the rest of the class when I took Zumba classes this summer. I probably burned double the calories just from laughing so hard at myself. If you're comfortable being uncoordinated in public, go ahead and take the classes and don't worry, as almost everyone is in the same boat. Even if you're not doing what everyone else is doing, you'll still be having a ball.

BTW, rather than taking the classes at a gym, which can be intimidating, check with your community's parks & rec department. I found a $3/session class in an elementary school gym that made me feel far less conspicuous.

That said, I'll be watching this thread for suggestions of videos and other, similar options.
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I am auditioning workout videos from the library and Netflix before I buy anything. If you want to buy videos, Collage Video is the place to go for reviews and ratings:
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