Simple matchmoving program?
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A question for any FX nerds out there: Can you recommend a good matchmoving program?

It has to be for OS X and compatible with (preferably) After Effects or Combustion, and Maya. Ease of use would be a plus, as well. This is my first foray into matchmoving.
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Best answer: I've used Boujou Bullet as a time-limited demo, and was nothing but impressed. It looks like they cover OSX and Linux, as well. However, it's "expensive" at 2500$. I can't comment on the integration with Maya, because I was using it for a class, and we were integrating the data with C4D. But these days, with Alias' market dominance, I'm certain you wouldn't have too many problems.

Unfortunately, I'm not a pro video guy, just a 3d modeler. So I don't know how useful I'll be with specific pros and cons of this sort of thing.
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Hate to be a me-too.

Boujou is what you want (short of thousands+ software.)

I'm a pro video guy, and it's about the only thing yo're going to find.
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