A horse, floating away, that's it?
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Help me name this movie my 80 year old grandmother only gave me the barest of information on... this is a longshot....Can you do it?

So, I was talking with my paternal grandmother who is getting up in the years and she was in one of her sentimental moods tonight, let me tell ya. Anyway, she mentioned a movie she had watched with my Aunt when the Aunt was quite young, about 7.

This means that the movie would have been on network TV around Christmas in the US sometime in the late 70s. It would have been on around bedtime because she mentions letting my Aunt stay up to finish the movie it was so good.

Here's the only info I have from the movie itself. The final scene, or perhaps the only scene they can remember, was of a little girl losing a horse figurine into the ocean (or some body of water) and it being swept away.

.... uh, yep, I'll be right on that Granny. Honestly, I'm not optimistic but metafilter has came through like a champ before regarding random "identify this movie" requests, so can't blame a guy for trying.

Thanks as always.
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The Black Stallion from 1979 has a boy and a horse in a shipwreck, and there's a small metal figurine. It's a great movie, around the right time period, though probably not for network TV.
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Black Stallion
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I was thinking The Black Stallion as well, but the part with the horse figurine (apparently Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's horse) getting swept into the ocean is right at the beginning.

I think with that movie, it's possible that it came on as an "ABC Movie of the Week" or something on Sunday night, which used to air major motion pictures after they'd been out of theaters for a while, so maybe 1980 or 1981?
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I checked all the Hallmark Hall of Fame specials for that time period and none of them look like good candidates, so I'm throwing my money behind The Black Stallion as well. Here's a scene with the figurine - jump to 9:45
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...which scene immediately starts again here.
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I just watched The Black Stallion recently and it's not that. There's no little girl at all and the last scene is the boy riding the horse on the beach.
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I'd think The Black Stallion as well and put the gender anomaly down to 30+ years time difference.
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If the movie was animated and you can move it up to the early 1980s, The Last Unicorn is another possibility. There are some scenes that, allowing for memory changes, could resemble what you describe.

But I'm betting everyone else is right that it was the Black Stallion. Just in case it wasn't, I wanted to throw out another possibility.
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I know memory is a funny thing, and people often misremember details, but there is so much that's memorable about The Black Stallion that I'm thinking it might be another movie. I know it often played around Christmastime when I was a girl in the 80s. Maybe there is more misremembering going on? Dang! What a puzzler :-)

Maybe IMDb's unknown movie messageboard can help too - http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000001/threads/ ?
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Can you ask your Aunt if she remembers it?
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Response by poster: Sorry for the slow response, I've since taken a look at the Black Stallion on Netflix and, based upon the almost unanimous response here, and the fact that the first scene is all about some horse/water/figurine and the next few moments provided a fairly effeminate boy as a main character, ordered a DVD to ship to her off Amazon.

Thanks all... I'll update the post if we hit the jackpot.
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