Sharing photos among domain users
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What is a good photo sharing solution for people with accounts in the same Google Apps domain (e.g., I'd rather not have to invite each user individually. I'd like to be able to set up authentication so they can post and view photos if Google asserts their identity is

I can't use Google+ since it's not available for Google Apps for Education for pre-K schools.
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Best answer: Does Picasa ( allow domain-level sharing? In my personal Google Apps domain this doesn't work, but it does in my corporate one, so I'm not sure... but when I go to Album Properties on the corporate one I can say "Public to" instead of the normal "Public to the web".

Not sure what "level" of Google Apps is necessary for that.
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Response by poster: OMG! wildcrdj gave me the solution. I looked through the Google Apps and Picasa documentation and got no clue of that feature. Thank you so much!
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