How do I remove rust stains from marble tile?
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I need an effective (and safe) way to remove rust stains from marble tile.

Scenario: Marble-tiled shower stall in a home in the country. Home is on well water. Well water in this area is really rusty. Marble is rust stained.

Most of the stain can be romoved with some simple elbow grease. However, there remains some pretty stubborn areas. The usual rust-removal chemicals (Rust-Out, CLR, etc) all specifically state not to use them on marble.

Any help from you home-improvement gurus will be greatly appreciated.
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I found in the stone / tile section of my local home depot a cleaner specifically made to be used on stone.

It is a yellow and blue plastic bottle called "Marble and Stone Cleaner" by a company called "TILE Lab".
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Be waryof using anything that's a strong acid. Marble is essentially compressed limestone. Both dissolve readily in a variety of acids. (Think Carlsbad Caverns.)

After you get the rust out, you might seal the tiles with one of the products made for that. I believe Tile Lab makes one of those, too.
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