Raise or Promotion or Both or What?
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How do I ask for a raise? Or a re-promotion to a spot I was previously demoted from? Or maybe both? I don't know. Of course there are special details inside.

I've got a few problems all rolled into one messy little package.

My restaurant is losing 2 chefs early next year. So we've got 2 open cooking spots in the kitchen coming up in the next few months.

I cooked before and got put back on dishes when my anxiety was acting up and I started sucking. I've gotten that more under control and would love to cook again. I'm starting school in January and getting the extra money that comes with that would be amazing.

When I interviewed at the school I'll be attending, the chef I talked to asked why I was still washing dishes at my current place instead of cooking somewhere else. He also told me that restaurants come to them all the time to fill cooking positions and that most of the time they don't have enough students to fill those requests. So basically there's no reason for me to still be washing dishes.

I've also already told one of the owners about this, so he knows there's a chance that I'll be gone when I start school. The other owners, well I don't trust them to keep me around if they know when they can hire someone for a lot cheaper.

I've been at the restaurant since we opened over a year ago. I took the demotion at least as well as they were expecting, if not better. After that I still came in and did my job without complaining or anything.

So I feel like it's time for at least a raise. Except every time the good owner is there I just can't get myself to talk to him about it. I can talk to him about other things just fine. I just can't do the raise conversation. Probably an anxiety driven thing and I'll talk to it with the therapist next week. So please don't tell me to see a therapist since I'm already do it.

I'd also like to ask for another shot at cooking.

I'm just not sure what order to go about things. Raise or promotion first? Does it even matter? Promotion and if I can't get that ask for the raise as a compromise?
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My first question is, why ARE you still washing dishes there instead of cooking somewhere else?
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Promotion, and if they turn you down, you quit. There is no reason for you to be washing dishes if you're a good cook, and it sounds as though there are tons of other opportunities to actually use your skills and do work you enjoy. Getting more money to do a sucky job when you have other, non-sucky options is not a "compromise," it's selling yourself short.
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Apply elsewhere for a cooking position that pays you more money. When you have an offer then go to your boss and ask him for a raise, if you really want to stay there. I think it will be a lot less scary if you know you have a great alternative ready to go.
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Response by poster: bq: "My first question is, why ARE you still washing dishes there instead of cooking somewhere else?"

I was looking on Craig's List, everyone wanted experience. I only have the 3-4 months where I cooked over the summer.

As much as it sucks to be washing dishes, it's better than not having a job. And I'll admit that part of it is that I didn't think I'd be able to find somewhere where I'd get paid what I do now, both in hourly and overall.
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