Airlines vs. Manufaturers
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Airlines Vs. Manufacturers - help me find information on claims made.

This is a bit of an odd question. I'm doing research and I need data on claims (amounts, what the claim was for etc.) airlines have made against manufacturers/suppliers for faulty components/parts that caused their airplanes to have accidents/be grounded.

I've looked at the FAA website, and they have detailed accident reports, but I didn't see anything on claims.

This is very obscure, but I thought someone might know of a great place to look for this information. Everytime I google it I end up on Lawyer websites for personal injury claims against airlines.

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I'd read through Qantas' annual/quarterly shareholder reports, or filings with whatever-the-Australian-equivalent-of-the-SEC-is, specifically for information about the faulty Rolls-Royce engines that required them to ground their A380 fleet. That was a very big deal, so it should be one of the easier cases to find information on. There are obviously many more cases, but that's the first one I'd go to.
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The only way I can think of would be SEC filings as kiltedtaco recommended. I worked for a supplier to an airframer and agreements between the companies (that is, not the happy news you would normally hear from investment news services) were pretty close hold. These were private companies, though, so they weren't required to disclose it to anyone.
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Two websites you might want to direct your questions at are and Professional Pilots Rumour Network. requires payment to register for the discussion forums; I am less familiar with the latter.
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