Help me identify this horror TV show/film.
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Help me identify this horror TV show/film.

When I was young (80s-90s) I saw a TV show (might have been a movie), with short horror stories. One of the stories is about a woman (?) who works for a film company and its looking for movie location. The people in the place she wanted to rent, were creepy and she eventually tries to run away with another girl who gets hit by a rock (possibly killed). She manages to reach some policemen, to whom she tells everything. They drive her back to the place to make a report I guess. On her way back she looks at the place were the girl had died, but the body had disappeared. When they reach the place, the policemen look into the back evilly, they were part of the crazy townies.

Some details might be fuzzy.
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The shows that I can think of that use a short story format around that time were "Tales from the Crypt", "Outer Limits", "Twilight Zone", "The X-Files", "Goosebumps" and "Are you afraid of the Dark". The last two usually featured kids though.
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Tales from the darkside also has a short story format. And there was another series around the time you mention that had short stories. I dont remember the name but the intro shots for the show were pictures of a fire and it was narrated by will riker from star trek and at the end of every segment he would ask something like 'real or not? You decide.'
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"The Hitchhiker" also had a similar format during the time you mentioned.
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I can think of at least 5 more shows like this in the time period you mention, but I don't think their names will help.

These are called "horror anthology series" and there are several lists online of them.
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Here's a list of horror anthologies. That's the search term you want to use to find this... "horror anthology" or "portmanteau horror."
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The Hitchhiker episode summaries (incomplete)
Tales from the Crypt^]
Tales from the Darkside^
The Outer Limits^
The Twilight Zone^

Some also have extensive entries on and I couldn't find anything matching in a quick scan, but maybe reading through will jog your memory.

Oh, last minute: I never saw this one myself, but I found some possibly appropriate setups in Freddy's Nightmares^.

Here's another -- Monsters.
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There was an extremely sort-lived horror anthology series on ABC in 1981-1982 called Darkroom. Not sure that's what you're looking for, but IMDB has a list of episodes.
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Tales from the Crypt would be pretty memorable; the "host" of the show was the Crypt Keeper, a puppet zombie.
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Thanks for all that replied, I been slowly checking the ones available on Netflix. I'll let you guys know if I find it, and select a best answer.

I'm almost certain it's not Tales from the Creep as I also used to watch that show, and would remember it was from that.
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