What to wear in Florida in December?
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I'm heading down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a week on Saturday. What should I pack to wear? I'm Canadian, for temperature reference.
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Wear your normal Canadian summer clothes and maybe bring a light jacket because every place here is aggressively air-conditioned (because it'll be 75 and humid on Christmas.) bring a bathing suit! The ocean will be warm and lovely.
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Shorts and tshirts mostly. Bring jeans and a sweater in case it gets "cold" (I feel embarrassed using that term to a Canadian - in South Florida cold means anything below 60F) or in case you're going somewhere air conditioned. We've been having a couple "cold snaps" lately where it dips into the 50s at night, but so far this season it's always been warm during the daytime. I just checked the weather and it looks like Sunday is going to be really warm (80F), but maybe pack an umbrella since it also looks like it will rain. Don't worry about bringing very many "nice" clothes since nearly everywhere is really casual. Nice looking jeans with a nice looking shirt and closed shoes is nice enough for pretty much anywhere but some snobby South Beach clubs.

My dad has thick blood and says it's only just now getting too cold to swim "for very long" in their pool, so if you're Canadian you will probably think its still balmy. Bring a swimsuit just in case.
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Make sure you bring warmish clothes (jeans, sweaters, jackets). I've spent the last two Christmases in Florida and it has dropped below 0C at night. You probably won't get that next week but, I don't know, I find Florida cold. It's partially the air conditioning and partially the lack of insulation. Plus the tile floors.
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Welcome to South Florida, we're glad to have you!

Some of what you bring will depend on your internal thermometer. We live here year round, and I'm always wearing jeans and a light jacket/sweater/long sleeves indoors at most public places, because I'm always cold due to tatiana's aforementioned "aggressive ac". My husband is always in short sleeves, because he's always hot. I'd mix it 50/50 shorts and jeans, and plan removable layers for the torso. A jacket is a good idea, especially if it rains... the rain itself may not be cold, but being in aggressive ac while damp is rather uncomfortable.

Gatorae's right about the casual nature of most everything in South Florida. I rarely dress up unless it's a special event like the orchestra or nicer dining. Bring your sunglasses; even at this time of year we can get a lot of glare. You can pick up some sunscreen while you're here, but don't forget to do it! There are lots of outdoor things to do here, from window shopping to a walking tour of Shark Valley, so make sure you've got comfy shoes.

BTW, this is the BEST time of year for Shark Valley, imo, as mosquitoes have died back a bit, and the alligators are sluggish: they're sleepily lying about on the banks where they're easily viewed.
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I was just down there on Sunday, and I agree with tatiana. Your Canadian summer clothes should be enough. I'd maybe bring a pair of pants (or leggings if you're a lady) to wear in the evening and a light jacket or sweater for indoors. Also, there are thunderstorms in the afternoons, so bring an umbrella or light rain coat (and closed shoes if you don't want soggy toes).
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