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Is there a way I can increase the maximum volume/gain on my computer on a software level?

The audio on some videos I try to watch on Youtube are too quiet to be heard on my laptop speakers even with both the YT volume and Windows 7 master volume maxed out. The audio on other videos is just fine though, so I know the hardware is capable of what I need.

The software I'm looking for should go in the virtual audio signal path between the master windows volume control and everything else. Does such software exist, or is there another solution to my problem?

Running Windows 7 64-bit, AMD Athlon II P340 Dual Core, 2.2Ghz, 3GB RAM.
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Right click on the speaker icon, choose playback devices. Select your speakers, right click and choose properties. Choose the Enhancements tab, then check loudness equalization. Click settings and nudge the slider toward the short side. That did it for me.
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I don't know about Windows, but on Mac and Linux there is "hijack" software that snags the audio output from applications and transforms it in software. This would accomplish your purpose. You'd want to use a gain plugin. Many exist.
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The VLC player magically allows one to set the volume above 100% all the way to 200%.
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(Stating the obvious but) some videos, even professionally produced shit that I paid good money for (*shakes fist*) are just not loud/clear enough and only a set of headphones will allow you to listen properly.
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gjc, I was able to find some EQ settings that allowed me to adjust the overall gain, not by your exact method, but your post helped me find them.

krilli, i'm going to have to delve deeper into that at a later time, but it looks like some pretty useful software, for purposes outside of this one. thanks a lot.
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