A Flip-Phone Style Bluetooth "Headset"
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Does-this-product-exist-filter: a bluetooth "headset" that looks and acts like a mid-late 90s flip-phone?

What I'm imagining is something that resembles the kinds of no-frills flip phones that were common in the late 90s and early 00s, except it's not actually a "phone": it's just a bluetooth headset that can be paired to your "real" phone.

Ideally it'd ring instead of your actual phone, let you use it to dial instead of your actual phone, and show whatever caller ID info your real phone can forward to it.

My motivation is that all smartphones keep getting larger-and-larger, so much so that they look a little silly and can be awkward to take out and put away. It'd be really nice if I could keep my smartphone buried in my pocket or bag and use my little flip-"phone" for placing and taking calls.

Does this kind of product exist?
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Those phones still exist. You could just transfer your phone number to a flip phone and switch your smartphone to a data only plan.
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Not sure about that exactly, but there is this and this
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[Not sure if this is how things work, but...] Could you get such a phone and set it up with your carrier to share minutes and then use Google voice to direct calls to the flip phone?
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Thanks all, looks like this is a bit of a bust.

I got excited when I looked at adamrice's links, but only until I realized the big phone was the gimmick and the cell phone was what the gimmick was plugged in to. Those are pretty cute though, I have to give credit where credit's due.
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