Looking for Cookiepuss
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Can someone help me find cookiepuss

I am looking for a sound or video clip of either a commercial or recording with his voice
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We have a Cat named cookypuss, But I assume you mean the cake. :)
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i've got the Beastie Boy track with the same name for you if that's what you're looking for. Just rattle my chain.
posted by ouke at 2:24 PM on June 23, 2005

There's a disturbing animated gif and a bunch of commercial stills on this page...maybe you could cobble something together? No sound though. Cookiepuss is awesome.
posted by iconomy at 2:59 PM on June 23, 2005

There's a new Carvel commercial airing that features a quick snippet of a classic ad - I think it's Fudgy the Whale, though. I have no MPEG or anything, but someone must.
posted by Rock Steady at 3:16 PM on June 23, 2005

look here. Might be there, might not.
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 4:21 PM on June 23, 2005

ROU_Xenophone: It's not there. Those ads are even older than the Cookie Puss ones.

The commercial Rock Steady mentions was done by Kirshenbaum and Partners, directed by Gerald Casale (formerly of Devo?). If someone has an Ad Critic account, perhaps they could grab it? It doesn't have the full voice.

Howard Stern has been kown to use a vocoder to sound like Cookie Puss. Perhaps you could easily replicate the technique?
posted by Gucky at 4:25 PM on June 23, 2005

I know I've seen the old cookiepuss commercials online in the last couple of years, so don't give up! Can't seem to find them now, though.
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Couldj'all inform a non-American wtf a "cookiepuss" is?
posted by five fresh fish at 6:21 PM on June 23, 2005

Cookie Puss is a character created by Carvel in the 1970s as an expansion of its line of ice-cream cake characters sold in its stores, which also includes Hug-Me Bear and Fudgie the Whale. According to Carvel lore, Cookie Puss is a space alien who was born on planet Birthday. In his television commercials, Cookie Puss has the ability to fly, though he requires a saucer-shaped spacecraft for interplanetary travel.
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Read my link ^

He's the only ice cream cake from outer space.
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Huh. I've never heard of Cookie Puss, Hug-Me Bear, nor Fudgie the Whale.

Looking at Iconomy's link, omg. It looks like a low-class Dairy Queen. And I don't consider DQ to be high-class. (Dunno if DQ is a Canuck-only thing.)

Carvel are the pink elephant popcorn guys, right?
posted by five fresh fish at 8:34 PM on June 23, 2005

The remarkable thing about Fudgie, Cookie Puss and others from Carvel is they all look hideous and they all share the exact same mold in my most half-assed way. Between the ugly cakes themselves and the hideous commercials, they were destined for camp/hipster attention.
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[thanks mathowie for fixing the bad HTML; Gucky, watch your quotes, especially ' versus " ]

One of the nice things about moving out of the New York area (to Atlanta) when I reached the Age of Emancipation many years ago was never ever having to hear another Carvel commercial again.

Alas, down here we have Tom Shane.
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It looks like a low-class Dairy Queen.

It's better than DQ, by a long shot. Mostly they sell soft-serve, but their hard-pack is good too.

Their commercials have a New Jersey in 1962 cheeziness about them, sure, but the stores sell decent ice cream.

(Dunno if DQ is a Canuck-only thing.)

I can tell you ain't never been to Texas, boy. Can't swing a dead cat 'round here without you hitting a DQ.

Gucky: I think Fudgie and Santa are the same mold, but Cookie-Puss is a different one. Cookie-Puss looks like he might be an Easter Bunny with mods.
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yo man, I'll house you. Where's cookiepuss at?
posted by sexyrobot at 2:08 PM on June 25, 2005

Tom Carvell's voice, Cookie Puss and the rest of the gang are discussed in a funny bit on Patton Oswalt's Feelin' Kinda Patton album. It's a great listen even if, like me, you have never heard of them.
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