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Clever group photo ideas for a staff of eight?

It's holiday card time and my idea bank is close to exhausted for group photo ideas... We've done:
- Generic in front of a Christmas tree (boring).
- Happy New Year celebration snapshot (fun, but not flattering)
- Brady Bunch (SUPER popular)
- Photos of staffers "engraved" on several ornaments in one image.

I'd love to recreate the success of the Brady Bunch photo, but am in a creative rut.

Ideas for a fun pop-culture reference involving eight people?
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Reindeer pulling santa's sleigh??
posted by beccaj at 12:06 PM on December 8, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
posted by Tell Me No Lies at 12:07 PM on December 8, 2011

Snow white and the seven dwarves?
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A department in my organization did something for their Christmas card this year that I thought was really cute.

They sent out a group shot of the muppets with each muppet representing a person in that particular department (and labeled as such).

This is especially nice for those of us who don't photograph particularly well, plus you get the fun of deciding which muppet you are and why!
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--Terrible holiday sweaters (though apparently this is a "thing" now, so it may be passe)
--Put your heads on other people's bodies -- elves, bodybuilders, Elvis, whatever. Let people pick their own.
--Line up in height order and wear rainbow-colored shirts (unless you don't want to be mistaken for a Pride float, although I can't imagine WHY)
--Recreate a famous painting -- watch Arrested Development for ideas
--I bet you could totally do a nativity scene without being either overly religious or overly sacrilegious :)

OH OH yes, Santa's sleigh! Just line up in two rows and get some of those antler headbands. Then put something/someone ridiculous where the sleigh should go.
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Take 2 pictures of your group standing in a row, with the people standing in a different order in each picture. Then, cut the pictures in half lengthwise (either at the neck or waist), swapping either heads or the bodies. Gotta be some potential comedy there, right?
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Maybe intentionally play up the "not flattering" bit in a humorous way by staging awkward yearbook photos. (Or use actual middle school yearbook photos of the staff.)

I always find that sort of thing amusing (in a good, charming way, not in a ha-ha you're ugly way).
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Baseball uniforms?
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baby photos! or bad high school photos.
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Superimpose your faces onto eight Angry Birds
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Building on themanwho: one of those "flip it" type things, so you can put joe's head on bob's torso on sue's legs.
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Is there a crosswalk near your office? Maybe four of each of you could dress similarly to the Beatles as they appeared on the Abbey Road album cover, and take one photo of four of you walking left to right across the street, then a second photo of the other four crossing in the opposite direction.
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The offending members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox.
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Have everybody pose really normal but wearing ridiculous mustaches.
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The last supper.

Or the nativity, since it's Christmas and all.
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8 maids a-milking
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Like this Mad Men pose, of course!
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