What are your experiences with buying a home in Hawaii that is part of a CPR?
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I'm considering buying a single family dwelling in Hawaii that is part of a two unit Condominium Property Regime (CPR). I'm interested in people's practical experiences with this sort of arrangement--what are the odds I'll end up regretting the whole thing?

So, my husband and I have been looking for a house in Hawaii for some time, and finally found something that fits all our criteria and is in our price range. The only downside is the CPR. It and another house are on the same triangular parcel of land.

As far as I can tell, the CPR is set up to be minimally invasive. The board is made up of one representative from each unit. The yard is not shared, but is entirely divided into "limited common property," with each unit having its own designated half. Modifications to the units that expand the external size require approval, internal modifications do not.

I expect that we should have a lawyer look over the terms of the CPR, and I accept that any type of condo agreement makes it possible for a sufficiently horrible neighbor to make one's life difficult.

However, I'm curious to know, in practice, how likely this is. If you own a property with a CPR governing a small number of units like this, have you had problems? If so, did the CPR terms protect you, or were they a burden? Do you actually hold formal meetings of the board, and, if so, is this a giant pain?

I've never lived in any sort of condo situation before, and the idea makes me kind of nervous, but these seem like pretty common arrangements in Hawaii, so I'm wondering if they generally just work out.
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2 units = you are the hook for half of any costs and half of any risks, jus' sayin'
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