Cuando es el juego?
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What (if any) soccer matches will be in Quito, Ecuador in the first half of January 2012?

Going to visit my sister in Ecuador next month, and I'd love to see a football game if we can, however I cannot find anywhere listing matches after Dec 16 of this year in English or using my very limited Spanish. Is the season over? What's up?
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Well, crap. It looks like you've just missed both the Primera A and B, and the Copa Sudamerica. I think.

I've spent like 30 minutes looking, and boy does South America need better web design. How infuriating—and I speak Spanish.

I lived there for a few years, and our best bet for finding local matches (which there always are), was just picking up a paper or asking around. Seriously.
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How long are you over there for? It looks like the first round of the Copa Libertadores starts on 24 January, and an Ecuadorian team will be at home to a Paraguayan team on that day. That sounds like it's too late for you, though.

Apart from that, I think functionequalsform has it.
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Response by poster: Pues, mierda.
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