Dangling Chinese Sunflower Seeds
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After seeing Ai Weiwei's sunflower seed exhibit at Tate Modern in London with my girlfriend earlier this year, I was inspired to translate the afternoon into a thoughtful Christmas gift. I've purchased 6 of the seeds on eBay and need help finding a jeweler in Los Angeles that can help me design a pair of earrings incorporating them. HELP!

Because of her long curly blonde hair and her sunny disposition, I've taken to calling my wonderful girlfriend 'Sunflower." In May, she and I took a trip to the UK so I could meet her parents and while there we went to see the exhibit (Ive been a fan for a while). It was amazing! Inspiration struck and I hatched a plan that is now coming into effect: Ai Wewei sunflower seed earrings for Christmas.

I bought the seeds on Ebay (many were sold at auction) and now need to have these ceramic seeds mounted on earrings somehow. Are there any jewelers in LA that can help me with this?

BTW: It was a great exhibit and I left a heartfelt video message for the then incarcerated Ai in my best (horrible) Chinese.
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I assume you know that the paint on the seeds may well be lead based? Not sure whether that's an issue for jewellery or not.
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Yes, there are jewelers who can help you with this, but I don't know of any. Hopefully, peagood will stop by with some better advice. My first thoughts would be to have post earrings made with 2 of the seeds and then use the remaining 4 to make a necklace. if it's just earrings you really really want, then...talk to a jeweler about how dangly you want them, and they will likely make some pictures or CAD renderings for you.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure, but I don't believe the paint contains any lead. The were made using the same methods used to create classical Chinese... well... 'China'

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Ooh, I would want one seed for each ear, dangling off a short chain. This is really cute. Good luck!
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NYT says that there were "traces of lead" so maybe it's not that big a deal?
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I think your best bet would be to look on Etsy for jewelers in your area.
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If there's a craft fair or "hip" neighborhood in your area, try hitting it up. There are always jewelers there and I'm sure they wouldn't mind a commission.
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One seed per ear could be nice, but I think six is good - a triangle of three seeds, maybe even with something yellow involved. Find an awesome jewelry designer! Shopping for jewelry designers will be work now, but think about what an awesome resource you'll have in the coming years.
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