Where can a tall/rangy guy buy a suit in Los Angeles?
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Where in Los Angeles can my (tall, rangy) husband buy a reasonably great suit for less than $600? Is there something like indochino.com, but in real life? Any experiences with Thick As Thieves?

My spouse needs a new suit. He is very tall and pretty rangy, but with broad shoulders that need to be fitted correctly or things hang off him like it's the 80s.

I'd like to facilitate this as a Christmas present. I've perused previous questions and will consider mytailor.com and indochino.com, but in a perfect world would prefer a physical place with a dude with a book of fabric swatches.

The husband's taste leans slim-cut, but conservative. I don't know anything about men's tailors, and I don't want to send him to someone who will break out the sharkskin.

I know about the Garment District. If you have a specific recommendation there, that would be great. Any other L.A. tips? Any experience with thickasthievesla.com?
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It sounds like your husband and I have our build and taste in common. I have 2 Thick as Thieves suits, and love them. The cost and options were perfect, and turnaround was prompt.
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If you're insistent on having one made specially, no advice; but I have that same build and I have excellent luck with off-the-rack Hugo Boss suits. Once the pants are hemmed I'm ready to roll. See if there's an outlet near you and you can probably find one for less than $600.
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Response by poster: We ran out of time to buy something online, as it turns out.

After checking out a gazillion brick-and-mortar options and being unimpressed by the quality-price-customer service combinations, we wound up at Al Weiss in the Garment District downtown. It's an unglamorous hole in the wall. All the salesmen are middle-aged dudes who can squint at you as you walk in and tell you your shirt size. They sold my husband a pretty-good-quality slim-fit wool suit that fit him pretty much exactly off the rack, then sent us to a tailor around the corner to have the pants hemmed. The whole endeavor took a single afternoon. Suit plus two shirts plus two silk ties cost him an amount so low I am embarrassed to mention it in public. (Okay, okay, it was about $250.) I assume the store is dealing in suits from collections that are a few years old, but the suit he bought is, quality-wise, at least on par with the suit Brooks Brothers tried to sell us for several times as much.

Highly recommended!
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