Need source for scrapbook pages
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Where can we get 12"x12" strap-hinge pages for old-style Creative Memories albums? Or should I bail and switch to a new format?

My wife scrapbooks, and I am asking on her behalf: since Creative Memories changed their albums, she needs to find a new source for white strap-hinge pages to fill out albums she already owns.

She found one source, called Westrim Crafts, but when the shipment arrived they are bent and poorly assembled (e.g., loose staples). We can find official Creative memories pages online -- they were brought back due to popular demand -- but they are expensive as sin. Does anyone else make these?

Alternatively, should she cut her losses, sell off her remaining albums and pages, and switch to a new format?

Just for the record, the scrapbooks are an awesome way for our kids to stay mindful of our family history, and if I could I would have her working on them like five hours a week.
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I think Pioneer may make something similar, but I'm not completely sure. If your local craft store offers scrapbooking classes, she could try asking the instructor - even better would be calling a local scrapbooking store.

If she ends up converting to a different format, I recommend using 12x12 D ring binders. For the thicker binders (2"+), look for one where the rings have a locking tab to make sure the weight of the pages doesn't pull the rings open. Also, be aware that some page protectors measure 12x12 including the part that goes on the rings, not 12x12 where the page slides in. It's never been a huge deal to me (just trim a bit off one edge), but can be odd when using bordered paper.

PS: You're an awesome husband.
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Response by poster: Yes, indeed I ruuuuule!

No real resolution, unfortunately. The weird-o pages went back, and she's still torn between selling off her current enpty C.M. albums or just spending whatever it takes to buy enough pages to fill them.
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