Food & Forty Winks for Folk Music in Fredericksburg
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What's good in Fredericksburg, VA? Looking for restaurant & hotel for this Friday.

My boyfriend and I are taking the train down from DC Friday afternoon to see Jay Ungar. We're going to have a few hours before the show for dinner/drinks and we have no idea where to stay, but we'd like to keep it either near Dodd Auditorium (at U of Mary Washington) or the Amtrak station.

We're late 20s/early 30s, not picky eaters or interested in breaking the bank. Thanks!
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There is a cute downtown area with antiques and cool little gift shops. And...Carl's frozen custard! It's supposed to be legendary, with people traveling from all over to get it. It's been on the food networ a couple times, I guess.
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If you were traveling to Fredericksburg in the summer, I would heartily recommend Carl's. However, as a former resident of the area, I learned to hate the space between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day when Carl's closed for the winter. It's been a couple of years since I've been up there, so this may have changed, but be prepared to be disappointed if you make the walk down there.

Otherwise, there are plenty of serviceable restaurants in the downtown area, but nothing that I remember as being particularly noteworthy.
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Whenever I go to smaller town (or am driving through) I google "Chowhound ____[townname]"

Here's the first thing that came up.. a good start.
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I've had very good, wholesome and inexpensive food at Sammy T's on Caroline Street, less than a mile and a half from Dodd (and close to Riverby Books, a big, excellent used bookstore also on Caroline). Check the menu: lots of $7-$14 entrees, lots of vegetarian options (although it's not exclusively veggie), and pretty damn tasty. Good spot for a quality meal at a non-bank-breaking price.
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Carl's is closed for the winter, unfortunately. Foode is good. Renato's is the place to go for Italian food.

If you had more of an idea of what kind of food, I could direct you better. My sister works in the hospitality industry in Fredericksburg, I'll ask her where she recommends in that area, are you looking for super cheap or nice accommodations, but more expensive?
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