Lets pretend its a Dwarf
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I fought the flash and the flash won.

Hi, all - I know javascript is the shizz and everything but i'm being forced to study flash at gunpoint by my tutors.

I have two things - a background and a small wee cutout image in the foreground (lets pretend its a dwarf)

All i want to do is put a piece of script into it that means when the user clicks the mouse, another wee dwarf appears (perhaps he comes down from the top of the screen, bounces and lands) - so you have two wee dwarfs, three clicks you get three and so on.

The class is very large so its hard to get help from the tutors, I thought someone here might know ?
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The terms you need to search for this are dynamically adding a movieclip in actionscript 3.

ps. there's a tutorial for this on kirupa.com.
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Feel free to send me a MeMail if you still need help with this (or any other Flash stuff).
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