What international satirical programmes are available to watch online?
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What international satirical programmes are available to watch online?

I'm from the UK, whilst in the US during indecision 08 I got addicted to the Daily Show and I've been watching that and Colbert ever since. I've realised that I probably know far too much about American domestic issues now and realised maybe seeing satire from other countries would be a really passive way to learn about politics in other parts of the world.

I watch/listen to a lot of the stuff here in the UK, The Now Show, HIGNFY etc. I just wondered what the equivalents are in other countries.

There is of course a caveat, they need to be subtitled in English - but I'd be interested to hear about other ones too.
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Best answer: 22 Minutes on CBCtv in Canada?

This reading of Justin Bieber's autobiography converted me. A lot of clips from this show are on youtube. I'm an American. Hopefully a Canadian will come along with more information.
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Best answer: The Chasers War on Everything. It's an Australian show, while there is no official online access (that I can find) to it you can find a lot of their stuff on YouTube. Good News Week and The Glasshouse were also two good Aussie shows along those sort of lines, but again you'd be looking at searching Youtube for clips, but well worth the effort.
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Best answer: For Canada, aside from 22 Minutes there's also the Rick Mercer Report which is less skit based and the interviews are played a little more straight rather than in character.

If you're fine with audio only, there's a podcast called The Comedy Factory which does a nice job, although it may rely a little more on people already up to date on who's who and what's what in Canada.
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Best answer: Les guignols de l'info.
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Best answer: There is Jay Hind! from India and Pillow Talk from Pakistan. Also, Parazit covers Iran and is modeled after the Daily Show. El Bernameg from Egypt is also modeled after the Daily Show, but I'm not sure if it is available anywhere with English subtitles. Here is an episode of the satirical Australian TV program Newstopia (in English of course).
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Sorry this is correct link for Newstopia. This link is a list of other Australian satirical programs.
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How about the onion news ? Absurd, satirical, hilarious.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, Les guignols de l'info looks brilliant I wish my French was a little better though. I'm just checking out your links now jihaan, Newstopia looks a lot like The Day Today but without Chris Morris' acidic wit.

I was thinking as far as English speaking countries go where would be particularly interesting. Is there anything about in South Africa? (I know describing it as English speaking isn't technically accurate but you could say the same about Canada...)
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Response by poster: I'm aware of the Onion, I was looking particularly for shows outside the UK and US, thanks anyway.
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Alright, there's an egyptian fictional newspaper. It's no show, but I think it's worth mentioning anyway.
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