The $100 gift
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The most awesome $100 gift you can think of.

My company has a $100 game of white elephant at our annual holiday party. The bringer of the gift that gets stolen the most wins $100.

I'm not too concerned with the prize, but I would like to impress with "my" ingenuity, particularly as I've been at the company for a few years and see the same types of gifts being foisted on the same resigned recipients year after year.

So, what's the most interesting/creative BUT generally appealing gifts for adults costing approximately $100 that you guys can come up with?!
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Well. I imagine that a $100 bill would be very popular.
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So, I know I fail spectacularly at white elephant gifts (why would you spend all that money on a gift no one would want? I don't understand.. it like defies my understanding of gift giving) - but I could see people fighting over a netflix or amazon prime membership.
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I am confused. A white elephant exchange is usually done with cheap gifts. The prize for best gift is $100, but is the gift you're supposed to buy really also supposed to be $100?

Please forgive my cluelessness but having all employees spend $100 each on gifts seems ... not right.

If that's the real deal though -- every time I've done a Yankee Swap, someone buys powerball tickets for the designated amount, and they're always the most coveted.
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One of those Remote control helicopters or planes
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yeah, usually white elephant games are where employs spend less than$15 or $20
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Response by poster: Yes, the suggested price of the gift is and has always been $100.
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The cheapest Nook or Kindle.
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Easy Peasy. A roku 2 XS ( I just bought one and its fantastic! In 15 minutes my 2 year old learned how to play her favorite Dora netflix show.
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I have to assume that, as this is the type of place where everyone is comfortable blowing $100(!!!) on a white elephant, everyone who wants a kindle or a nook already has one.

What has been popular in previous years?
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If you've got a lot of sportos in the office, a mlb tv subscription usually costs about $100. And then the winner can watch baseball at their desk while they should be working!
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Costco sells 24 packs of poprocks for 5 bux each. Wrap a case of 20 24 packs of poprocks. I bet it gets stolen a couple of times :)
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I agree with AmandaA's sentiments, so how's about actually making it a white elephant with something odd like SuitPajamas?
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Step one: find shoebox.
Step two: go to liquor store
Step three: fill shoebox with as many tiny airplane-sized bottles of liquor as $100 will buy. Alternately, bring larger box and fill with multiple full-sized bottle of cheap booze
Step four: use $100 prize to return to liquor store to purchase celebratory whiskey
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That really is quite difficult. $100 on something that everyone kinda wants but not enough to buy one them selves....

- Pasta Machine
- Bread Machine
- a $100 bottle of wine / whisky / say.. a $100 cigar? absurd excess?
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The only thing I'd want out of everything everyone has mentioned is the lottery tickets or the $100 bill. I would be really disappointed to get a baseball subscription.

Pick something that has a good resale/regifting value. The Kindle or Nook would fall into this category.
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$100 gift certificate to the bar/restaurant everyone will go to after the swap (with the assumption the owner buys the first round of drinks).
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A single, brand new, crisp $100 bill, inside a gigantic gift-wrapped box.
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Articulated Rabbit Skeleton.
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Omaha Steak package (2 Filets, 2 Lobster Tails) and a decent bottle of wine!
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What about one of those soda machines they sell now where you make your own? Or I saw a remote-controlled helium balloon that looked like a shark that was pretty cool. I think it was $80 plus you could get a small helium tank (or tank rental).
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To make it white-elephanty without actually wasting the money, how about a few bottles of wine with funny/whimsical names and labels, such as Mollydooker ?
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A raclette grill.
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2 of the latest videogames. It'll get stolen by someone who has that console.

Really fancy wine flutes or champagne glasses. Everybody wants them and nobody wants to buy them. They look better in somebody else's see them holding the box and think, "Hey, I think I kind of want those." And even if nobody steals them, the person who gets stuck with them comes home with fancy glassware and that's happy-making. Some of these wine decanters are dead sexy, too.

2 show tickets or $100 at a top sushi restaurant.

Camping gear or a camping luxury item

Surfing or ski lessons

A massage

Portable speakers or hard drive

Gold nugget

Car detailing

GPS device

CSA food delivery service
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For my family's white elephant a couple years ago that I think had a $100 limit I got a restored 50's radio from a local guy who restores old radios to brand new condition. People went ape shit, and I'm pretty sure some people were upset that they got it stolen from them. I have to say, it was a pretty cool thing even if you never listen to the radio.
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A monocle?

Ok, all snark aside -- in every Yankee Swap I've done, alcohol has been the big winner. So I would suggest one or two very nice bottles of wine, or some fancy liquor, or one of those wine/beer of the month clubs, if they can be done for $100. You probably know if the people in your office generally veer toward beer or wine or liquor.
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WOW. tacodave's idea of flying sharks intrigued me, so I looked them up and they are really cool! Please buy these.
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Beer making kit

$100 of lotto tickets sounds fun

I would probably wander the aisles of Costco until something caught my eye.
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You can buy small bottles of Johnny Walker Blue for under $100.
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