What kind of holiday gifts can I give to my biggest fans for the holidays?
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I know I'm a little late to still be working on this, but what kind of holiday gifts would be totally awesome to give to my biggest supporters for the holidays?

This year my tiny freelance photography business went in to overdrive, in no small part because of three acquaintances who talk me up to everyone they know. They do this just because they like my work believe in me. Between them, they're responsible for recommending me to at least 45% of the clients I booked this year. I'd like to get each of them a thank-you holiday gift.

FWIW, I primarily do wedding and portrait photography, this is my first successful year in business, and I expect to continue to grow because of the foothold this year has given me. They're all late 20's women, mostly liberal, creative types. I'd like to spend around $100 on each. Right now am leaning towards bottles of wine and/or restaurant gift cards, but I wanted to stop in here first to see if any of you had a better or more creative or personal idea.
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They're all late 20's women, mostly liberal, creative types.

Well that's me, and fancy alcohol and food are way at the top of my list of awesome gifts to receive, so I think you're on the right track.

You might also consider a gift certificate for something experienced based that involves that, like a Wine and Cheese pairing class, a Pastry Decorating class, or a Homebrewing class. You could look around and see what's available in your area. I'm in the SF Bay Area and The Cheese School of San Francisco is one of my most favorite places. Lot's of larger cities have awesome little niche places like that. If you're in San Francisco, New York, or L.A., I can probably suggest some places.
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Response by poster: We're in Philly, if that helps to influence the suggestions!
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Why not take each one, or all three, out for a thank you meal? What they've done for you is so kind and so personal, a regular gift doesn't seem quite enough.
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O hai, Philly! I lived there for a year way back in the day. Loved it. My friend who still lives there just recommended The Wine School's classes via gchat. So I can't vouch for it personally, but she's definitely food (and booze, that woman can DRINK) obsessed.
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When you start thinking of getting gift certificates you really need to know what that person likes. Someone once got me a pedicure when I was heavily pregnant thinking it was exactly what I would love. WRONG!!!! Don't get me wrong - I do love a good mani and pedi but not at that time and not with the place where they got the gift certificate.

You want to choose something that offers enough flexibility as possible. If you get a restaurant voucher make sure it is for a place that you know they enjoy or have said they want to go but find it too pricy or whatever.

I love a great bottle of wine but I'm not willing to spend a whole lot on wine that I buy for myself so I would like it if someone treated me to a very nice bottle - especially if it was champagne as you always have to drop a bit of coin to get champagne so I often just stick with a good proseco. (I live in Canada where booze is expensive)

You (and others) might think it's cheesy to offer something in line with your profession but we all want to have good photos around and I'd be delighted if I was offered a photo session with my family as a gift. (I know that is worth way more than $100).

I'm a huge fan of the Christmas Hamper as well. I personally love Fortnum and Mason Hampers from the UK (they deliver everywhere in the world just about) but there are also companies in North America that do this - even take a look at some of the hampers Costco has to give you a start. You could also make your own hamper - include in it some champagne, gourmet foods and perhaps a bit of a gift certificate to a favoured restaurant - who wouldn't enjoy that at this festive time of year?
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Biscotti. They ship beautifully and stay crunchy for weeks if they're in a sealed container. I've had such a great response when I send people gifts from Bis.Co.Latte (and they are really speedy with mail orders).
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