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I'd like your thoughts on the Wolverine PicPac II or alternatives, please.

So, I'm going abroad for three weeks to gather recordings for an ethnomusicology project. I'll need to need to back up my Sony "Memory Sticks" (ugh) on a regular basis. Since I'm going to be in the bush and/or stuck on extremely volatile public transportation for the majority of my time, I'd prefer to leave my expensive new laptop at home. Hence, I've been dreaming of the Wolverine PicPac II to back up my audio on the road.

Unfortunately, I'm none too impressed with the reviews I've seen for this device. I most frequently hear that it runs hot, takes forever to copy data, and has zero battery life. But I'd like to know whether anyone will vouch more positively for the PicPac, and/or what my current alternatives might be. It seems like such a perfect concept, but I don't want to be stuck with a bum device and no way to offload or back up my data.

(I have considered simply bringing a 1TB USB travel drive and hoping I find an Internet cafe every so often, but that's not necessarily a great risk either.)
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The Sanho HyperDrive Colorspace UDMA appears to be the lowest price MS supporting portable storage unit that gets generally good reviews. It appears to be centered around storage of RAW-format photos, but it looks like you can copy any data. They're in the $350 - $400 range on Amazon.

A potentially cheaper but larger option is that you could get a tiny netbook that has both a Sony Memory Stick reader as well as a large hard drive.

You could get an Acer Aspire One that has a 250GB hard drive and is listed as being able to read memory sticks for around $250 new. A higher end AO722-0828 has a 500GB hard drive and a MS reader for around $350.
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I sent a note to Sanho about the audio file question and got this. I'm posting it since it might be helpful to others with the same question.

For the Colorspace UDMA unit, it does back up audio file, but the unit does not do audio play back. But you can see the audio file under the FILE MANAGER. Plus, the Colorspace UDMA does support Memory Stick, CF and SD card, it does not support SDXC card and WIFI CF card.

In short, it sounds like this'll work. Yay!
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