how do I make this popular retro car look more retro?
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2012 Beetle-filter - I just got one and I'm looking for ways to make it MORE retro looking.

Just got a white beetle 2012 with a black sunroof and the heritage hubcaps. I love it. Feels like I'm driving a european car from the early 60s. So I was looking into whitewall tires and started wondering what else I could do to make it more retro. Are there any vinyl kits for it to make it two toned? Any conversions to make the bumpers look metal? Anything?
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60's style vinyl decals?
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I vote for a peace symbol on the back. Maybe a smiley face. And fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
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Vinyl stripe, number stickers, driving lights, retro super beetle wheels, and chrome :)

> Herbie in Indonesia
> Finnish Rally competitor
> Nurburgring Rally
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Sorry- forgot to append to that post- you're definitely on the right path- I'm just not quite sure (aside from the easy stuff like vinyl) that the after-market has caught up yet :)
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Doesn't really make it retro but the best New Beetle mod I've seen are the daisy tail-light covers.
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Does anybody make a trunk-mounted luggage rack for it?
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White walls.
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Response by poster: For the record when I say 60's I'm thinking the early euro mod sixties, not the late hippie sixties.
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Thank goodness. oldefortran is on the right track for that style.

I'd do a set of German license plates (perhaps even 1960s vintage plates) underneath whatever plates are required by law in your territory. Like this:

The next thing is an incredibly rare item, and it's for the "old" New Beetle (1998–2011), but could possibly be adapted with some effort. The effort would be well worth it, IMO, as nothing screams "retro" like a wooden roof rack. Here's a photo of one installed on a '98 Beetle. Along with the old-school hubcaps, he/she is doing it right.
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Response by poster: As awesome as that is, I've got the sunroof. Maybe the back luggage rack though.
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