Boots on the brain.
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Trying to remember the name of a brand of boots, possibly named something similar to "Duffie".

I saw these boots at a random store in Paris. They were about $200-300 and I'm pretty sure they started with a 'D' and possibly ended with an 'ie'. They were sold in a women's boutique but may be unisex. I think they looked like a streetwear-inspired hiking boot, flat and ankle height with suede and maybe fur, and definitely some sort of multicolor aspect.

I've checked a lot of places (Coolhunting, Refinery29, Opening Ceremony, and a lot of similar stores) but I haven't had any luck.
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Well, there is a shoe brand called Duffy...
posted by LN at 10:53 AM on December 5, 2011

Were they 'Uggs', by any chance? Those are really popular in the UK/Europe, and they look similar to what you're describing.
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Response by poster: It's not Duffy, but unfortunately I recognize one pair from the same shopping excursion and now I'm starting to think that the signs at the store were mixed up.

And they're definitely not Uggs!!!
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