Help Me Help Myself to a Nice Hot Cup of Tea
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At a dinner party last night, the hostess served tea in these ingenious mug devices that had a) a ceramic strainer that fit inside the mug and b) a little mini-plate that sat on top of the mug, keeping the tea warm and serving as a place to put the strainer with the tea leaves when you were done steeping. Does anyone happen to know what these are called so I can look for them online?
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Like this? There are a few options on Amazon.
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Bodum makes several versions. Here's one.
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Googling ceramic/strainer/mug/lid achieved this result (among others), "The The Spot Steeping Mug." Maybe "steeping mug" would be a helpful search term?
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My wife has several of these and adores them. The strainer used to be ceramic but the more recent models are stainless steel. She actually prefers the stainless steel ones.

She also uses the cup with other beverages because she likes the size and feel.

*The link is to the red ones but they make various colors.
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They're sometimes called "infuser mugs" or "infuser cups." I have this mug, which I bough years ago from the English Tea Store.
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Stash Tea calls them infuser mugs.
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I have one but the strainer's holes are way too big and the tea leaves just fall right through. Make sure you get a good look at the strainer part before buying.
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If you have an Asian grocer near you that sells non-food items too, or a Chinatown, check there, as they're in abundance in those places, and usually quite cheap.
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Further to my answer above, there's a local shop here in Boston that sells something very much like this, which features a mesh insert. Super colorful--looks like so much fun. I've always coveted one. I wanted to say that they are made by a Japanese company called Beehouse, but I may be mistaken.
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I would second the suggestion of an Asian store as I have one of these and my daughter brought it to me from China.
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Traditional Korean teacups are like this. I have many and they rule.
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