Is it even possible to register a domain in the Cook Islands?
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I want to register a domain in the Cook Islands but emails to Oyster keep bouncing. Has anyone registered a domain in the Cook Islands? Do you know the secret handshake?

I want to register a .ck domain to house my portfolio, but I can't find any contact details at all aside from info @, and I get an error message every time I try to contact it.

The twist: I am a poor junior, and domains in the Cook Islands cost USD$150 for two years. I carried out a one woman bake sale in the past month - I make one thing people in my old agency LOVED, so I made those and accepted donations and actually made quite a bit of money - to raise funds. As a leaving gift someone very senior offered to pay the remainder, which was a great gesture.

SO: I really want to get this domain, as people have supported me financially in doing so, but Oyster appears uncontactable.

Is there an alternate way to register in the Cook Islands? Am I missing something? How do I get my .ck?
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Did you try calling them?
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It's been a while since they've updated their IANA entry, but it has email addresses of the Administrative and Technical contacts for .CK. If info@ is bouncing, that's what I'd try next.
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Oyster isn't the only company that registers .ck domains. You'll find others by googling "cook islands domain".
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The whois entry for only ck domain I've ever heard of - (from Nathan Barley if that's utterly perplexing) - lists another address and two addresses, so they might be worth trying as well.

(Of the other two names, Freemantle is just the production company responsible for the TV show. However, Melbourne IT CBS seem to be some kind of domain management consultancy, so they might also be some kind of lead if all else fails.)
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