Japanese 7-eleven soup?
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Last December I was in Japan and I enjoyed the 7-Eleven soup they had. Pretty much all the 7-11's had the same soup, in a stand usually by the cash register, they would have other stuff you could add to the soup; fish balls, meat on sicks, noodles, ect... The soup would be already hot and you served yourself. My questions is what is that called? And where could I get something like it in Vancouver, BC?
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Sounds like oden. You can find it in the frozen food section of a Japanese or possibly other Asian grocery store. It usually looks like a styrofoam tray or bag full of the assorted fish balls and has a little pack of instant soup inside.
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The "soup" is called "oden". Apparently the Guu on Nelson Street specializes in it. On the other hand, you could learn how to make it, and purchase the ingredients from Fujiya.
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That looks like it!
Now, for the Guu on Nelson Street, they have two kinds Kanto-daki and Miso-oden. Which of those would be the closest to the 7-eleven type?
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Kanto-daki, I would say.
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You can also hunt down a bottle of Memmi (yellow label, hard to miss anywhere that sells Asian foods) and dilute it with a whole bunch of water to make the simmering liquid for oden. Then you just fill a pot with it, put it over very low heat, and simmer things in it.

Miso oden would, presumably, have miso paste in it, for a rather more complex/rich flavor, instead of a simpler and cleaner flavor. Like KokuRyu says, Kanto-daki sounds much more likely to be what you're looking for.
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oden is great but 7-11 oden?

i admit i never had the courage to try but i assume it's every bit as good as a 7-11 hamburger or hotdog. which i've also never tried but you get my point.
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Well, you cant really lump the 7-11 hamburger and hotdog together. The hotdogs aren't great but they are much better than hamburgers(microwaved....).

The oden was better than the hotdogs, especially the japanese 7-11 hotdogs.

We spent a lot of time wandering around in the middle of the night and 7-11 was the easiest, given that we spoke no japanese.

Thanks everyone!
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