Programming sites for kids.
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Java for children?

My 12 year-old nephew wants to learn Java programming. Can anyone recommend an site that will help him?
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Have you checked out JUDO and Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents (the first four google results).

There are some relevant questions on stackoverflow too.
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This was on lifehacker earlier this week. It might be helpful to chldren.
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DrJava (with an REPL!) or ProfessorJ may be useful (but ProfessorJ isn't supported anymore).
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Depending on where he is in terms of learning programing, Processing might be a good entry point. It's actually an IDE, preprocessor and a Java library put together; it obscures some of the more complicated bits of Java syntax and focuses on visual, animated, interactive programs. It's got a pretty robust corpus of documentation, books, and examples.
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iTunesU has a great Java programming class by Stanford for free. I think it's called "Programming Methodologies".
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Here it is:

I'm actually halfway through the course right now, and it's fantastic so far.
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