iPad 2 FaceTime AirPlay mirroring on Apple TV?
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Long story short: does iPad 2 mirroring via AirPlay to an Apple TV work for FaceTime chats? There was news about it when iOS 5 was in beta but I can't seem to find a definite yes or no about the final product.
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You can mirror the entire screen to the apple tv, including any and every program on it if you turn it on via the double click home button menu.
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Awesome. Just wanted to check if anyone had actually tried it. : D
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Just a note after finally getting a chance to try it: it's a bit annoying to actually use. If you hold the iPad in your hand you'll be looking far away from the camera. If you put the iPad on the television you'll have audio problems (i.e. microphone can't hear you and/or feedback issues).

You should definitely play with it a bit before scheduling any important calls.
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