Fun Cocktail napkins in London?
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Where can one buy fun paper cocktail napkins in the UK? (I live in the US, and want to buy as a gag gift for someone in London)

An open to in-person stores, or online. Am looking for something fun like the New Yorker or Barchitecture ones, or something with olives or cocktail garnishes on. Something that suggest cocktails, as opposed to just being a smaller size.

If in - person, a chain with easily found locations would be preferable (I can co-opt my brother to go buy, but not thinking he will know where they can be found). I did search and john lewis online, but didnt find anything nice (plain white seems to be the rage!). My google-fu is useless!
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Cool Britainia at Piccadilly Circus is bound to have some pretty neat items. There is another popular discount book store in London called The Works where I got some cute/funny things this summer. I need to dig a bit to find the final website which is an online forum for more of a New Yorker style thing - the name is escaping me but I'll send it on at 2am when I wake up from a sound sleep finally remembering the link.
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If you have a Party City in your area, they have aisles and aisles of paper napkins with different themes.
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