Oh, oh, fake mistletoe
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Best fake mistletoe to order online or pick up in NYC?

Have you purchased a sprig (clump?) of fake mistletoe that pleases you? I would like to put one up over our bedroom door to sneak some kisses with my fiancé this holiday season. I've seen this one on Amazon, which looks good, but I'm afraid it might poison my two adorable catchildren.

Online ordering preferred, but NYC suggestions also gratefully accepted.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Here is one from Target, seems a little pricy. If you check the craft stores in your area, Michael's or Hobby Lobby or even Walmart, you should be able to find it.
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A clump or sprig is not a ball, directions for DYI
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Thanks, JujuB! I like the crafty route, even though my cats are going to love 'helping' me ;o)
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