What sort of toys should I get for Toys for Tots kids?
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What's the best Toys for Tots contribution?

I don't know a lot of children, and the ones I know tend to have far too much. I have a few Toys for Tots events coming up - what are the toys that kids in the program would most enjoy?
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Legos seem universally popular.
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Skip stuffed toys, they get tons and tons of those. Basketballs, soccer balls, skateboards are all good --- if you could manage it, a bike would be great. Barbies and such are always good, too, plus all their associated gear; building toys like Lego, telescopes and other science-y stuff, and generally whatever the cool toys of the moment are.
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Football -- very popular and always on kid's wish lists. Buy size according to age, Pee Wee, Junior, Senior, etc.


Barbie Dream House, Barbie Horse, Barbie car, etc.


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Anything Elmo or Dora- very heavily requested every year in the Mefi gift drive.
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Toys that work for a variety of ages is priority #1, and that aren't gender specific is priority #2. Priority #3 are things that don't require a lot of effort - like board games where pieces are easily lost.

Don't stress too much though - the people that work at Toys for Tots sort the toys for you.

Overall, it'd probably be better to give money than a toy if you don't feel like you can/want to shop for a toy, but if you want to give a toy, here are a few ideas:

- Legos
- Other building sets
- Barbies
- Transformers
- Magic set
- Craft kits (ALEX Toys makes some good ones)
- Art supplies - paint, paper, markers, crayons
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I have read in the past that toys and gifts intended for teens and kids over ten are always in short supply.
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Best answer: I just asked this of our local Toys for Tots representative a few days ago!

What he said is similar to what has been written above: they always need things for older kids, and they always need non-gender-specific toys. She suggested soccer balls and art supplies that are geared towards teenagers.
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If you don't have toys laying around but are looking at buying them, cash is usually the most effective donation. It lets the program buy whatever it is they need more of, and they probably get a better price than you do.
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