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I have a large box of found vacation slides from the 1950s-1970s. Apparently the Becketts lived in Los Angeles (slides were found in Texas) and traveled all over the world... Vienna, Bali, Lisbon, Singapore, Barcelona, Hong Kong, etc. There are perhaps 800-1500- all processed at Kodak Labs and packaged pristinely in little yellow boxes. I'm leaving the country (US) for a while and would like to either get rid of them or keep them for something interesting in the future. Any ideas?
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If you really want to get rid of them, I will take them. Seriously. My email's in my profile.
posted by scody at 5:45 PM on June 22, 2005

Pick out the best/most-interesting/funniest ones and publish a book.
posted by Faint of Butt at 5:47 PM on June 22, 2005

I will take them if you need to get them off your hands. Check the profile for email - willing to pay for shipping, etc.
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Put them in storage, and think about what to do with them while you're out of the country. You'll think of something.
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I'm sure the Becketts' living relatives would be interested. You might try to contact them, no? A quick Google turned up this.

Unless, of course, you're referring to Sam Beckett, then you're probably out of luck. :-)
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Post them to Flickr
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I'll pay you for them and pay shipping, ha! Serious about that.

It would be a damn cool MeFi project to get a few of us to scan all of these. I have access to several slide scanners. We could put up a .torrent and a web site with them up.

Whaddya say?
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Send them to These people?
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Couldn't you make a zine out of them?
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Re-enact them and become a docu-comedian.
(think Dave Gorman).
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How about a website where each slide has a 1-paragraph fictional or poetic "explanation"? Put one up a day. I'd volunteer to write one or two captions a week.
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By the way, the website I'm suggesting could be a very simple Blogger site, as long as we could rope in fake or someone else to scan the slides. With a group of people on board to cooperate on the writing, it might be a very interesting, vaguely exquisite corpse-esque artistic project.
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Second trying to find Beckett relatives, I would think their relatives would be ecstatic.
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Form a band. (Or if you're too lazy to form a band, see if the Slideshow Players want it - it's sort of their thing).
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Beat you to that Gortuk!
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I think that whatever you decide to do, get them scanned ASAP and post them someplace online like Flickr. Then at least, if something happens to them later, you have that visual archive. Plus, we all get to see them too.
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and if you're crafty, the actual slides make great lampshades and curtainish things. (but only do that with bad slides, or after you've scanned em)
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I think attempting to locate someone from the family is the right thing to do.

How about a website where each slide has a 1-paragraph fictional or poetic "explanation"? Put one up a day. I'd volunteer to write one or two captions a week.

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Contact your local PBS station or university library. They often appreciate having this stuff available for documentaries and other historical purposes, and will make sure they're stored well for posterity.
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I second the Trachtenberg Family - they would make very good use of them.
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Be nondestructive -- don't cut them up or glue them or anything like that. Be constructive -- find the family, ask them who in the family is (or would be most likely to become) active in family history or genealogy or whatever, and send the slides to that person. What is to you a fun project is to them their family's history.

And you can still copy the slides you like.
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(Can I get in on any you have left over? My email's in the profile too...)
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Last night I revisited the slides and went through a few small boxes randomly. There are fantastic images (I need a light table!)... One that struck me: Bora Bora, 1963, a photograph of a palm plantation and a beat up 50s Chevy posing in front of it on gravel- poor and decrepit, pieces of other makes and models filling its frame...

Thank you all for the feedback! I think the best course of action would be to sit back a bit and try to find the family once I have more free time. If they have waited 30 years for these, surely one more will do. Whether or not I can find family, I will put some slides to good use- be it a zine, interactive site, self-published book, travelling road revue, or a combination! If, indeed, I both cannot find descendents and decide not to do something, I will revisit this posting and share them with as many people as possible.
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