I tried jogging, but the ice kept falling out of my glass
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Physically fit mefites, what do you think of Kettler exercise bikes, specifically this versus this?

My goal is to progress from getting no exercise at all to getting some exercise while doing other stuff such as reading a book or listening to podcasts. Assume that other options like going to an actual gym don't work for me, and I have decided to invest in one of these two babies.

The Giro P will run me about 100€ (~30%) more than the Paso 309. As far as I can tell, the main difference between the two is a fancier drive mechanism - do you think this is something that will make a difference in my main objective, which is to actually use the thing regularly?
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Just want to put it out there--have you considered a recumbent bike? I've recently gotten one for the exact same purpose. I love that it's easy to sit in it and read.

(now to go sit on it and read for awhile)
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I have, and I like the style better - but it needs more space and won't fit comfortably in what I have available.
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