Help me better use HBO/Showtime
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I'm looking for a website that pulls the list of currently running movies on premium channels (HBO/Showtime) and combines it with ratings data pulled from imdb or rotten tomatoes or something similar.

I primarily subscribe to these channels for the original programming but I do enjoy movies and have tivo. Ideally, I'd like a place where I could efficiently scan what is on and highly rated once a month or so and add stuff to the queue to record. I just tried reviewing the list of currently airing movies on HBO and searching titles that looked interesting on imdb for about 20 minutes until I got bored with the process. Alternatively, even a site that just says "Here are the new releases that I like" would be better than my current process. I started sketching out the perl script I'd use to do it myself when I realized that someone else probably already thought of this and did it for me. But Google doesn't point me in the right direction.
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Maybe Criticker could help?
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