Sinister Harpsichord Action!?
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Do any MeFites out there in Internet-land know where I might be able to find music similar to this World of Warcraft track?

A friend of mine plays World of Warcraft more than he probably should, to the point where he's sometimes playing it when he has company. Several of us were at his place the other day, and I heard from his speakers the music in the linked YouTube video.

I was smitten.

I really, really enjoy the creepy, baroque vibe of it, but I haven't been able to find anything similar in a few hours of looking. My ideal piece is:

a) similar in 'feel' to the linked video,
b) likewise features a harpsichord, and
c) similarly backed with tense strings.

Thanks in advance, everyone
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Sherlocke Holmes OST, by Hans Zimmer
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Another soundtrack including harpsichord (though a little further back in the mix than you may prefer) and ominous strings.

Perhaps it's insufficiently ominous, but you could also give Philip Glass's Harpsichord Concerto a try.
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You might like Nox Arcana. They feature some harpsichord in some tunes, but it's not as prominent, more synthsizer action, but still very ominous and intense.

and...just in time for the holidays...Nox Arcana Winter's Knight. ; )
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