Best film festival promotional items?
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Film Festival attendees: What are some of the coolest promotional items you've seen at a fest? What are some of the ones that actually made you want to go see the film? I'm planning a promotional strategy for my first film, which will be hitting festivals next year.
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The only things that made me want to prioritize seeing films at festivals were good writeups in advance media in the local press. I would concentrate on courting the media folks in the areas where festivals are. Nothing like early buzz. I have not been aware that tchotchkes are important in film promotion - perhaps they are - but as a festivalgoer myself I can say it was all about planning my strategy in advance using the overviews and recommendations in the media. As a second strategy, going to the early night kickoff events and having someone say "Hey, come see my film" was a strong second.
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Excellent points, Miko! I should have mentioned, this is only a small part of the promotional strategy for the film, and I am absolutely planning on doing all of the above.
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Fight club soap.
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I have to say my all time favorite festival "swag" wasn't actually swag, but while waiting for a screening at a well known festival, movie promoters came around with ice cream cones wrapped in a paper with a DIFFERENT movie's title, director and screening time and location. I wasn't planning on hitting that screening but I immediately looked up the movie on the festival's app and went to the next screening. Also, the ice cream was delicious because it was boiling hot and I still fondly think of that movie whenever I eat mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Runner up would probably be the empty knockoff Crystal Head Vodka bottle that I got for the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie - I don't particularly like the bottle (or movie) but the blogging-world hubbub created surrounding the idea that Disney ripped off Dan Aykroyd (no, seriously, he is the co-founder of Crystal Head Vodka) has made a lasting memory that even the Pirate-inspired OPI nail polish also included, could not dull.
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Lobby cards
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Yeah, this may not be the answer you're looking for, but I've been going to several film festivals a year for almost a decade and I can't think of a single instance where I've been impressed or enticed by a piece of film festival swag. Nor can I think of a time that a friend or colleague was. It may work on some people, but I've not met them.

For me the most important thing by far is what I read in advance and festival word-of-mouth. I'd pare down your swag budget and send out more screeners instead.
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Yeah, I've never been enticed by swag. However, things I've thought were cool: festival branded Chrome messenger bags (as a bike nerd and film nerd I loved this cross over), t-shirts with naughty sayings, and random prize give aways. I went to an Indian film festival one year that served chai from a local vendor while we stood in an incredibly long line in the semi-cold.

I'm also agreeing about the need for media. A really good write up, and an awesome looking still (if provided) is what really moves me.
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It helps if there is some way you can tie the promo item into the theme of the film - like Fight Club soap.

Also, although I agree that promo items should never be your entire marketing strategy, studies show that branded swag works. It may not make or break your film, but it's definitely helpful.
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Make it a consumable so people won't feel bad about throwing something away. Food, obviously, though soap also qualifies.
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Agreed with others that no swag has ever particularly enticed me to see a film, but also reiterating the suggestion that the swag be something functional and useful, especially a (branded) consumable. Perhaps a bit of swag that has a good review of the film printed on it? Some of the useful non-consumables I've gotten have been flash drives and light pens (for taking notes in the dark), although those are somewhat generic.
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