Medical help in Delhi
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Suggestions for help finding medical attention/doctor in Delhi?

As previously mentioned my girlfriend (now fiancee) is in Delhi doing research work and has fallen ill, as of tonight we're worried that it may be getting a little more serious - though she's at home stable now. Curious if this crowd might offer any suggestions to help her get the care/help she may need tomorrow?
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Ask her friends?colleagues, hotel or hosts to call the doctor? The doctors will speak English.
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yeah she saw a doctor today but the communication was little bad, and he sent her home with a prescription for the wrong thing... Ideally we'd get a recommendation for a specific physician or perhaps someone here on Ask MeFi is physician/nurse that might be able to help. Working on finding her the right help tomorrow.
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If she is living somewhere close to Alaknanda (that's mentioned in the best answers previously), then Batra Hospital is quite good and easily accessible. From their website:

Address: 1, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli Badarpur Road, New Delhi-110062
Phones: 91-11-29958747, 29957487, 29956431
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She is a Fulbrighter. Call her embassy contact and/or go through the pamphlets and contact the embassy's official doctor.
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Ah how lovely. I was also a Fulbrighter in Delhi not too long ago. I will remain deliberately unspecific since I would like to be honest (diplomatic, but honest) below.

I would not count on the Fulbright office to hold her hand too much. Maybe the other offices do this, but not the Delhi folks.

She has options. First, the US embassy has a public listing of the doctors their staff use. It's right here/

Second, I never went wrong by going to Max in Saket. People will tell you Apollo is the way to go, but I had some verrrry bad experiences with Apollo.

Third, if she decides she needs to go to the ER at 3AM, as I did one night, by all means she should call someone to meet her there. I don't care if they're "not really" friends, if she feels bad about waking them, whatever. She will get STUCK in a strange place at 4AM (when discharged) and she will not be in a good state of mind to figure out how to get home. (The radio cabs often aren't available at that time of night. You do not want to be taking an unofficial cab.)

Fourth, she should feel FREE to memail me. I was in Delhi quite recently, and I know it well. I know it well enough to know that even a lady who is "fluent" in Hindi can find it quite alienating when she's ill. (A lot of people say I'm "fluent" in Hindi, and, you know, I've been studying it for fifteen years now, but in situations like this, "fluency" becomes something of a myth. All you really want is somebody who has done it before to explain to you what the hell you should do to get comfortable and safe again.) So -- if she'd like to talk to someone who has been in her shoes quite recently -- tell her to drop me a line.
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PS I realized I should add a caveat. It's entirely possible that the Delhi office might be more solicitous and protective if she's on a non-academic Fulbright (i.e., a teaching fellowship or a Fulbright-Nehru, the one for folks straight out of college). My experience is based on one of the academic research program fellowships.
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thanks all. this is a perfect example of why mefi remains one of the best communities on the web. I ll send her your way artemisia - once past this there are plenty of other delhi issues you might be able to offer some insight on.
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Awesome, specialk420, I look forward to hearing from her!
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