Movie showtimes for July 1978 in Minneapolis/St Paul
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I'm trying to fill in details about some movies my family saw on a trip we took in July 1978 to Minneapolis/St Paul. My brother and I have some conflicting memories and I'm trying to track down the truth.

Specifically I'm looking for advertisements for movies or, failing that, lists of theaters and the movies they're showing from July 1978.

I've found news articles archived on-line for that period but I don't find movie ads or showtimes archived. It doesn't seem like those are high on the list of things to archive.

Can someone help, or point me to places I can find the info?
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Call the public libraries in that area and ask them if they have copies of the newspapers you're looking for on microfiche/microfilm. These will typically contain an image of the entire page of the newspaper, ads and all, not just the articles. You may be able to access the microfiche you need through interlibrary loan.
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Imdb includes pictures of movie posters.
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Here is an IMDB search showing releases of US films in English released from April to July of 1978. This won't do much good if the showing was a second-run etc. You can play around with the search and perhaps something will refresh your recollection.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately IMDB hasn't helped. Here's the scenario: My brother and I went to the movies with the child (sadly (not just because of this question; he was a cool guy) no longer living) of the family we were visiting. I remember we went to a double feature. My brother doesn't remember a double feature. The movie we agree we did see that day was Smokey and the Bandit, which came out in '77. He remembers other things about the trip that I don't, so he could be right and we just did see a single movie.

This has bothered us for a long time.

Basically, I want to know what movie (if any) was on a double bill with Smokey and the Bandit in 1978 in Minneapolis.

(Gee, when I phrase it like that, it almost sounds silly).
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University of Minnesota Daily PDF archive from 1978, including lots of movie times (but I didn't see any Smokey and the Bandit).
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