Looking for a financial advisor based in UK if possible ?
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Can anybody recommend a financial advisor based in the UK?

Could anybody personally recommend a financial advisor based in the UK? If possible specialising in female finances in particular.I need some simple help and advice on pensions, bank accounts and setting up an investment portfolio-we are talking a reasonable amountnofnmoney but not millionaire status butbas I am freelance I really need some proper help in sorting this out. Any advice on best look gratefully received !
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A personal recommendation would probably require knowing where you live. The search function at unbiased.co.uk lets you refine by location and by area(s) of financial advice (and preference for male or female adviser, if that matters).

There are also directories at financialplanning.org.uk and findanadviser.org. Pointers for doing it yourself at moneyadviceservice.org.uk.
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