I need well-designed spaced repitition to repeat German things to me.
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Is there a website or computer program that uses spaced repetition to help users build language vocabulary, and (perhaps more importantly) is completely free? I used to use smart.fm to help me learn German, but stopped when it became non-free. Now my knowledge of German words is almost as stingy as I am.

I was at one point very fond of the aforementioned website, which used spaced repitition in neat little flash games to help me learn words. It had a bit of a problem with wordlists being user-generated (read: there were way more than a few spelling errors), but once you double-checked the lists, it was positively the greatest thing in the world, aside from being in Germany itself, for my actual acquisition of the language.

One of the best parts about it was that it kept track of my progress, and tested me on particular words at appropriate intervals (e.g., 1d, 7d, 3w, 6m, or something) and it kept track of my success on each word, so it wouldn't space out the repetition until my ability warranted it. Unfortunately, smart.fm turned into a pay-site, and I am a real cheap-o when it comes to pay-anything.

So, meine Kollegen... is there a free website or computer program with these sorts of features? All the spaced repetition computer programs I've tried have been good, but kept no track of progress. And I've yet to find a site of comparable quality.

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Anki anki anki! I think it's pretty much the go-to program for spaced repetition.

It doesn't exactly keep track of your progress in the sense that it automatically chooses the repetition spacing, but you yourself can choose from 4 options after you answer the card, based on how easy it felt to you.

I upload all my own wordlists, but I think you can find ones that others have made if you look around a bit.
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Kleio is made by a fellow mefite!
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+1 for Anki. I've used it for a long time and the way it does intervals feels very natural and sensible to me, and it generates adorable graphs.
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Anki is amazing.
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I've been using Memrise lately and really enjoying it.
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