word to wiki importing?
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Converting MS Word files (2003, 2007 with images) into a dokuwiki easily?

I have about 100 word documents (very screenshot heavy, mind you) that I've been tasked with putting into our wiki.

I've spent a lot of time trying out the different options, but they all seem to fail when it comes to dealing with images. I believe Confluence has an import tool, but that is rather pricey and we already have a sizeable wiki built locally.

I realize how wiki works, but is there ANY way to have the images somehow embedded or (silently) organized on the wiki server so I don't have to manually add them to each document after manually uploading them?

My hopes are not high, but I thought I'd check.

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Response by poster: also, if there were a way to print Word docs to single page PNG files, that would help a LOT!
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Well, on the second point,it's easy enough using Acrobat Pro to print to Pdf then save as PNG. It's even relatively scriptable.
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Response by poster: Thanks Oktober, I did that, but it always saves multiple PNGs. I was hoping there was a way to print to a single, long PNG that I could simply upload to the wiki.
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Here is a possible solution to your multiple PNG issue.

-- Print to a single PDF file from Word or whatever.
-- In Acrobat Pro (or maybe you can do this with the Acro Reader too), print again to PDF from Acrobat Pro but.....
-- When the print dialog box comes up, look for the ADVANCED button at the bottom or where-ever it is for you. Click.
-- In the next window, choose PRINT AS IMAGE and select the DPI that you want.
-- Hit OK & OK.

That will give you a single, flat file PDF with multiple pages that are images and not text.

Hope that what you are looking for. If not, I might have another option, but I would have to run a test.
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