Disappearing FF bookmarks
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Wanted: same FF bookmark in diferent folders. When bookmarking a URL, Firefox appears to check if the URL already has been bookmarked in any FF folder in the past. If so, FF identifies the previous folder in the Page Bookmarked popup, removes the bookmark from that previous folder and puts it into the newly selected folder choice. Is there any way to force the same URL to be bookmarked in multiple folders (short of manually tracking down the original bookmark, duplicating it, and copying it to the second folder)? This "feature" seems to be URL based, so it doesn't work to change the name of the bookmark intended for the new folder in order to keep the URL from disappearing from the original folder. Win7, Firefox 8.0.1
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Add a garbage query parameter to the URL before bookmarking it.
So, if you already have http://example.com/ bookmarked, make it http://example.com/?whatever.

I wonder when this got added. I remember having multiple copies of bookmarks all over my file a long time ago. Which was annoying. And probably why this was done.
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Just as a note on that, the second bookmark is completely independent of the other, so any edits, deletions, whatever have to be performed on each separately, if it ever comes up. If what you're looking for is that the actual same bookmark just appear in two places, that's something else.
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Nice trick that works for pages like yahoo.com, but when there is anything beyond that (URLs for daughter [?] pages), it brings up an error page. Apologies for not knowing the proper terms and for some reason the link formatter isn't working here but here's an example: adding /?whatever to


brings up an error page since the site doesn't recognize a usable string whether the garbage query is added to the end of the URL or to the end of the domain name:




Any additional thoughts?
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Don't use a question mark, use a hash: #.

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You would probably have no problems adding an ampersand at the end and another fake variable:


where a and b are whatever you want.
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Works! Both hash and ampersand work w no additional text req'd.
Thanks very much vytae, Mo, and Su.
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Looking forward to listening to the radio show, Mo.
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